SAVE Up To 50% In A Family Plan

Training with your partner, spouse or parents is a great way to spend some quality time together and improve the health of the whole family. SAVE UP

Personal Nutrition Plans

We are teaching a science-based nutrition system for healthy and active life full of energy and enjoyment without starvation. Our offer includes: 7-day personal nutrition plan

BJJ Champions Conditioned By Us

Meet Denis Vassilev, а Brazilian Jiu jitsu (BJJ) international competitor who improves his performance in martial arts using SPIDER SPORT’s conditioning system. Denis first came to SPIDER SPORT in Dec

FREE Functional Assessment

We provide training and education, not just a workout. To book a FREE functional assessment, including body fat measurements and a demo training session, email us at

Personal Training

We provide training, not just a workout. We educate you how to build a healthy body from within and lose fat – men under 10%, women