Our system

We have a complete approach to active health and have developed an effective system of training and nutrition, created by Milko Georgiev.


Foundation of Conditioning Pyramid

SPIDER STAMINA is our training system that consists of functional real-life movements including the whole body. It fixes alignment and mobility, builds strength endurance and enhances agility and athletic skills. It includes multi-joint free-weights exercises, engaging long kinetic chains and performed by the high-intensity interval training principle. The system has been applied to trainees of all levels – from elite athletes through busy people who seek efficient training, to cases with joint and spine problems. Read more ➜



SMART LOWCARBER is our nutrition system that provides quality building material from animal protein and lasting energy from fat, yet allowing you to smartly enjoy your sweet carbs. It is time-saving, tasty and easy to follow in modern life. Following the principles of proper macro-distribution and correct timing of meals, you will reach your optimal lean body mass and lower your body fat. Our team and families have been following this nutrition since 2003 and we have documented its long-term health benefits on over 5’000 cases in Europe. Read more ➜