BJJ Champions Conditioned By Us

Meet Denis Vassilev, а Brazilian Jiu jitsu (BJJ) international competitor who improves his performance in martial arts using SPIDER SPORT’s conditioning system.

Denis first came to SPIDER SPORT in Dec 2012 at an Open Doors event, where he learned about the SPIDER STAMINA training system and the SMART LOWCARBER nutrition principles, created by Milko Georgiev.

Denis at SPIDER SPORTDenis competes in BJJ professionally and won 5th place at the BJJ World Championship that took place 15-20 April 2014 in Abu Dhabi. He has won several national championships in taekwondo and BJJ and has been a medalist in kickbox championships in Eastern Europe.

In only 12 conditioning sessions we had with Denis at SPIDER SPORT’s training studio, he improved his strength endurance, balance and mobility. The change of direction skills we taught him found direct application in his sport, while the movements involving a long kinetic chain improved his balance on the ground.

Thanks to his good physical performance base and the precise methods of our training system Denis was increasing his strength after each session, keeping his technique perfect. In addition to the basic movements – lunges, deadlifts, pull-ups, military press, Milko Push-Pull, Milko bench press, one-leg squats, Milko renegade row, we also added exercises to correct his posture and improve his mobility.


Denis and Gabriel Marangoni
Denis and 3 times World Champion Gabriel Marangoni

In November and December 2015, Denis attended a BJJ training camp in Brazil. He kept in touch with us and shared his observations on the local methods of training and nutrition. Half-way through his stay in Brazil, we received great news:

Denis was invited to fight at the BJJ Stars Invitational tournament in Sao Paulo on Dec 23, 2015. That’s what he shares with Milko and Maria:

“This invitation is a great honor. It is a very rare opportunity for young competitors at my level. The majority of black belts have never participated in such a tournament. And for me that’s just the beginning!”

Denis is only 23 years old while the elite in this sport is between 25-30 years. His improved physical condition helped him beat even competitors who are technically more advanced. He won second place at the tournament.

In January 2016 Denis’ Brazilian mentor and 3 times World Champion Gabriel Marangoni visited Bulgaria and insisted on having a few training sessions in SPIDER SPORT studios. Impressed by the precise efficacy of the training system and the professional work of the personal trainers, Gabriel concluded that such conditioning is key for the development and success of BJJ competitors. Gabriel Marangoni is a first degree black belt in BJJ, 3 times World Champion, 11 times State Champion, 1st Place ADCC Trials 2015 and 3° Place Europeans 2015.

We wish Denis and Gabriel success and will continue to provide him with the best strength and conditioning to achieve greater results in their BJJ endeavor!

About Maria Mitova

Maria has 5 years experience as а personal trainer and nutrition adviser. She devises personal nutrition plans, lectures on low-carb nutrition and maintains her body fat under 13% in a completely natural way, without starvation and excessive limitations. Maria is experienced with fitness newbies, university professors, business professionals, postnatal and post-surgery joint rehabilitation cases. Maria was a performing dancer for 13 years and has been conditioning professional dancers online and via workshops. Maria lived in the U.S. for 8 years, where she graduated in Economics and worked in Oracle for 3 years. She learned the importance of quality delivery and saving time in the corporate world, and applies it in her training practice.