Fat Loss

10 kg fat loss in 50 days

ilyana Mitova BEFORE and AFTER
Dilyana, age 56, Professor in Economics, 10 kg fat loss in 50 days from 83 to 73kg

Dilyana Mitova (age 56) lost 10 kg of fat in 50 days, following the principles of the SMART LOWCARBER nutrition system and the personal nutrition plan, devised by SPIDER SPORT. Without starving and by providing her body with all key nutrients, Dilyana lost fat and kept her Lean Body Mass (muscles, organs, bones) untouched. This is an excellent result, as it is easy to lose weight, but not so easy to lose ONLY fat. Read the full article on Dilyana’s case ➜

Impressive Fat Loss

Miro Rangelov_BeforeAndAfter
Miro, age 40, body fat from 19.8% to 6% and 15 kg less in total weight

Miro Rangelov (age 40) gradually lost 12.6 kg of fat ONLY and built his desired body definition and Lean Body Mass.

Miro: “Before SPIDER SPORT, my menu was according to the rules of the “fitness science” – potatoes, rice, oak flakes, bananas, egg whites, cottage cheese, chicken breasts, and of course, high quality protein powder. However, the results were far from what I wanted to achieve. My body was getting rounder and bulkier. SPIDER SPORT gave me the solution and now my mind and my body live a new, more beautiful life!” Read the full article on Miro’s case ➜

Desi Dimitrova BEFORE and AFTER
Desi Dimitrov, age 33, lost 15 kg of fat in 6 months, Senior Accountant at a big firm


Krasi Before and After-2009-2011
Krassi, age 31, 30 kg fat loss and 5 kg muscle gain for 2 years. Krassi had never trained before and his parents fed him a high-carb diet detrimental to his health.


Vasko, age 27, started at 9% body fat at 90 kg and reached 4.5% body fat at 81kg. He achieved fat loss and great muscle tone for 2 years.