Knee Injury

Linda Zetchiri

Full Recovery after a Serious Knee Injury and then ranked 26th in the World Badminton

Linda Zetchiri was born in 1987 and has been playing badminton since 1999. She is a talented European competitor in badminton from Bulgaria.

After five very successful years in Denmark (ranked 55th in the world), she got a very serious knee injury and returned to her home country. In October 2006, a piece of the cartilage of her knee joint was removed surgically. As a result of the injury, her left knee, which is also her active knee (she is left-handed), could not bend and endure loading at more than 90 degrees.

Milko Georgiev is teaching Linda Zetchiri to do Side Press
Milko Georgiev is teaching Linda Zetchiri to do Side Press

Her doctor told her that this was the end of her professional sport career. In the next seven months Linda went through difficult moments and tried to recover from the injury to continue competing. Looking for a strength and conditioning coach in Bulgaria, she found Milko Georgiev on 2 July 2007 and he took over her recovery. From the very beginning, even though she was on the way out of the Top 100, Milko had the ambition to get her back in the world sport and to build a condition that will bring her more success than she had had before the injury.

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Spinal Disk Herniation

Alexander Vrabchev

From back pain and a spinal disc herniation to 15km pain free walking and squat with 120kg

Alexander Vrabchev is in his late 40s, running a successful air cargo international business. In 2007 he was diagnosed with a spinal disc herniation and the doctors advised him to stay away from any physical exercise. As time went by, Alex’s muscles got weak and were giving less and less stability to his joints and spine. The burden on his bone system started increasing because of the storage of excessive weight due to lack of energy use. At some point he was not able to walk for more than 10 minutes as the strong pain in his back would made him sit down.

Alex Vrabchev

In 2012 Alex decided to use SPIDER SPORТ personal trainer services. At that time, the scale showed 118 kg, and the caliper – 24% body fat. The training started carefully with very precise joint alignment and light weights due to the disc herniation and the overall weakness of his body. After the 3rd month the pain in the back faded away, and after the 6th month it completely disappeared. This gave Alex’ trainer the chance to start increasing his weights significantly and enhance his stamina and strength endurance. Alex got even more motivated by the results and his training received priority as permanent appointments in his busy weekly agenda.

Alex’ results after 1 year:

  • From walking below 1km with pain to walking 15 km painfree
  • Total body weight from 118 kg to 98 kg
  • Body fat from 24% to 14%
  • Squat from no additional weight to 120 kg
  • Renegade row from 5 kg to 35 kg
  • Military press from 35 to 63 kg
  • Lunges from 20 kg to 70 kg

Alex also received genuine continuing education in nutrition. In his first week, he attended a lecture delivered by Milko Georgiev, and thereafter adopted our High-Fat Low-Carb SMART LOWCARBER nutrition system. He gradually lost 20 kg and dropped his body fat from 23.8%  to 14%. This nutrition also allows Alex to stay on top of his business, enjoying stable energy levels and concentration during long meetings and business trips.