Holistic Personal Training

Suitable for everyone – from fitness newbies to regular fitness fans all the way up to elite athletes. Find the pleasure of moving freely in a pain-free life and advancing in your training with correct technique.

We work with monthly memberships, no lock-in contract and initiation fee.

The key for success is the guidance and precise feedback of our crafted trainers with an eye for detail. The real motivation for the trainee comes from the results. Location, facility and equipment are complementary elements in the training process.

Our training system SPIDER STAMINA improves your whole body working on your alignment and mobility, strength-endurance, rehabilitation, power and speed.

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Functional Nutrition

We are teaching a science based nutrition system for healthy body composition and a life full of energy.

Our SMART LOWCARBER system has been successfully applied since 2003 to over 5’000 clients in Europe, helping them improve their health and get fit without starvation and useless restrictions.

You provide your body with quality protein from eggs, meat and cheese to maintain your organs, muscles and bones healthy. You rely on fat as the major energy source to keep you satisfied and focused throughout the day without energy drops and constant need of snacks. Finally, you get to enjoy fruits and desserts daily, satisfying your sweet taste cravings while keeping the carbs low. Of course, you have your veggies too as salads and sides.

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