Fitness Vacation

Fitness Vacation
Spring Fitness Vacation in Bulgaria

Every spring and fall we organize a 7-day Fitness Vacation on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The Fitness Vacation is attended by 40-50 people each season and is a favorite among our clients. Each day starts with an hour training on the beach, followed by breakfast, then we hike for 2-3 hours in the mountains that run along the coast; then follows lunch and time to rest or get a massage by our experienced massage therapist; the evening consists of a game on the beach or a stretching session, followed by dinner, dancing, bonfires and other activities. The menu is designed by us and all food is freshly cooked with local supplies, using the guidelines and recipes of our nutrition system. See a short video.

Winter Fitness Vacation
Winter Fitness Vacation at Belmeken

In the winter we organize a 5-day Fitness vacation high in the Rila mountains at the National Sports Base Belmeken. We include cross-country skiing, shooting, fitness, stretching, swimming and sauna, games and nutrition seminars. The Base is situated close to a beautiful dam and surrounded by great hiking trails. On the way back to the capital, we pass by small mountain villages from where we usually get herbs, organic honey, wild fruit preserves, forest mushrooms, and other local delicacies.