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Milko Georgiev

Milko has 15 years experience as a performance coach and nutrition expert in Europe. He has a Masters degree in Health, Fitness and Nutrition and AQF Level 8. Milko has certified 30 master personal trainers (AQF Level 5 to 8) in his own fitness academy. His work includes conditioning Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs, celebrities, injured people, fitness enthusiasts and busy people in search of fat loss, functional performance and improved health.

Milko is a Black Belt in Taekwondo and a medalist at national championships. His kicking mastery helped him train even 3th Dan Taekwondo black belts. He also practiced volleyball, ice hockey, running, and cycling.

Milko has a holistic view and an effective system for physical culture. He maintains his body fat under 6% all year round in a completely natural way.

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Maria Mitova

Born in 1986, Maria has 5 years experience in performance training and nutrition education. She has a Masters degree in Health, Fitness and Nutrition and AQF Level 8. She speaks Spanish and French.

With 3 years in the corporate world in the U.S., Maria fully understands people’s lack of time for themselves and has developed a training approach that gives great results with young professionals, couples and families. She is also experienced with fitness newbies and elderly people.Maria has been successfully conditioning professional salsa dancers, downhill bike riders, horse riders, and young football players.

Maria has competed on the National Youth team in European handball. She has also performed at many international dance festivals for 13 years and has in-depth practice in snowboarding, swimming and yoga.

Thanks to her extensive experience as a performing dancer, Maria has an eye for balanced movements integrating your whole body in a flow. She works with a smile and prepares her clients to get more pleasure from life and the sports they practice.

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