• Eliminate back, shoulder, knee pain in everyday life
  • Rebuild your strength after ASL/meniscus knee surgery
  • Fix your joint alignment and muscle imbalances
  • Strengthen your spine musculature correctly to improve your discopathy or disc herniation
  • Exceed your pre-surgery performance level and regain confidence in your body
  • Prevent injuries with effective whole body strengthening exercises
  • Decrease unnatural spine curvatures (scoliosis) without surgery and spine braces

About Maria Mitova

Maria has 5 years experience as а personal trainer and nutrition adviser. She devises personal nutrition plans, lectures on low-carb nutrition and maintains her body fat under 13% in a completely natural way, without starvation and excessive limitations. Maria is experienced with fitness newbies, university professors, business professionals, postnatal and post-surgery joint rehabilitation cases. Maria was a performing dancer for 13 years and has been conditioning professional dancers online and via workshops. Maria lived in the U.S. for 8 years, where she graduated in Economics and worked in Oracle for 3 years. She learned the importance of quality delivery and saving time in the corporate world, and applies it in her training practice.