Strong and Ripped With Office Job

Emil Nenchev_clientEmil turned 40 in 2015 and his body is leaner, more muscular and better performing than ever. Emil is a successful Sales Manager in a top telecom company in Bulgaria. Looking for a long-term solution to keep his body young and functional, Emil came to SPIDER SPORT.

“Seeing the effectiveness of the SPIDER STAMINA training system, I have become very consistent in my training, having 2 x 60 minute training sessions per week.

In addition, I have been easily following the principles of the SMART LOWCARBER nutrition system, without time-consuming multi-meals diet rules and complicated food preparation. I enjoy my stable energy levels during the day that allow me to stay focused and effective in my meetings.

Business trips are also no longer a problem, as my body has adapted to rely mainly on fat for fuel and I can go 5-6 hours without food, when I have had my eggs for breakfast. For my main meals I easily find a good a steak with salad and occasionally enjoy a delicious dessert and a drink.”

Without much change in his total weight, Emil has gained 4 kg of muscles (lean body mass) and has lost 5 kg of fat, decreasing his body fat % from 15.3% to 7.3%. His current calories are based on 2.5g protein per kg of lean body mass, combined with bi-weekly training.

Emil Nenchev April 2016

Emil’s goal is to reach his optimal lean body mass of 75 kg at 5 % body fat and total weight 79kg, as calculated by the Athletic calculator developed by us that determines your optimal lean body mass based on your height, sex and wrist circumference, i.e. your bone structure.

Body Composition Measurements

Emil Nenchev 15 Feb 2011 15 May 2011 15 Jul 2013 03 Dec 2015
Total weight 73.5 73 70 72.5
Lean Body Mass (kg) 62.3 65.3 64.9 66.3
Fat (kg) 11.2 7.7 5.1 6.2
Fat % 15.3% 10.5% 7.3% 8.6 %
Pull Up with 40kg
Pull-Up with 40kg at SPIDER GAMES

Training Progress x 5 reps/set at 72.5 kg bw 

  • Pull-ups with body weight to pull-ups with 30 kg
  • Deadlift from 70 to 150 kg
  • Squat from 55 to 110 kg
  • Milko Bench Press from 15 to 29 kg
  • Real Renegade Row from 11 to 32 kg (with lifted opposite leg)
  • Lunges from 30 to 105 kg
  • Endurance Stamina for Pull-ups for 19 (total 44 pull-ups in 6 sets)

Emil had greatly increased his strength and improved his mobility. Empowered to perform better, he won 3rd place in the 12-discipline functional competition SPIDER GAMES.

About Maria Mitova

Maria has 5 years experience as а personal trainer and nutrition adviser. She devises personal nutrition plans, lectures on low-carb nutrition and maintains her body fat under 13% in a completely natural way, without starvation and excessive limitations. Maria is experienced with fitness newbies, university professors, business professionals, postnatal and post-surgery joint rehabilitation cases. Maria was a performing dancer for 13 years and has been conditioning professional dancers online and via workshops. Maria lived in the U.S. for 8 years, where she graduated in Economics and worked in Oracle for 3 years. She learned the importance of quality delivery and saving time in the corporate world, and applies it in her training practice.