10 kg Fat Loss in 50 Days

ilyana Mitova BEFORE and AFTER
10 kg fat loss in 50 days: from 83 to 73kg

Dilyana Mitova, age 56, lost 10 kg of fat in 50 days, following the principles of the SMART LOWCARBER nutrition system and the personal nutrition plan, devised by SPIDER SPORT. Without starving and completely restricting the deserts and sweets, Dilyana lost ONLY fat and kept her Lean Body Mass (muscles, organs, bones) untouched. She went from 83 kg to 73 kg.

This is an excellent result, showing that the body feels well fed and supplied with all the key nutrients that it needs. Only by providing the body with real food in the right amounts and proportions of macro nutrients, a person can have such a great decrease in fat only. In other words, it is easy to lose weight, but not so easy to lose fat.

Dilyana Mitova Side PressDilyana is a PhD in Economics and does research in an Agricultural Economics Institute, sitting at a desk. She does the free weights SPIDER STAMINA training twice a week for an hour, complementing it with a 60 min Stretching and Mobility session. Without sweating or doing long standard cardio exercises, dangerous for her joints, Dilyana feels energized, healthy, a lot more mobile and more confident. Her entire wardrobe suddenly got too big, but she is looking forward to a big summer shopping when she reaches her optimal weight of 65kg.
Dilyana also has been diagnosed with spinal disc herniation. However, instead of cutting out all activity, she chooses to work with our rehabilitation team to strengthen her muscles and find a long term solution for her lower back pain. With correct technique, she does deadlifts, lunges and squats that work her entire body.

Dilyana continues to follow the nutrition plan and says that “anyone at any age can build the body they want if they understand and follow the correct nutrition principles”. Having gone through a colon cancer operation in 2007, her low-carb nutrition also provides prevention and the road to a healthy life.

Dilyana Mitova Deadlift
Dilyana Mitova Deadlift 65kg

About Maria Mitova

Maria has 5 years experience as а personal trainer and nutrition adviser. She devises personal nutrition plans, lectures on low-carb nutrition and maintains her body fat under 13% in a completely natural way, without starvation and excessive limitations. Maria is experienced with fitness newbies, university professors, business professionals, postnatal and post-surgery joint rehabilitation cases. Maria was a performing dancer for 13 years and has been conditioning professional dancers online and via workshops. Maria lived in the U.S. for 8 years, where she graduated in Economics and worked in Oracle for 3 years. She learned the importance of quality delivery and saving time in the corporate world, and applies it in her training practice.