FREE Functional Assessment

We provide training and education, not just a workout.

To book a FREE functional assessment, including body fat measurements and a demo training session, email us at or call us at 0468-938-261.

Our SPIDER STAMINA training system consists of high-intensity, whole body exercises performed with free weights per scientific progress and combination methods developed by us. Our 60 minute training session is more efficient than 3 work-outs. We teach you the correct movements and alignment and how to apply them to your everyday life and the sports you practice.

Our SMART LOWCARBER nutrition system provides you with nutrient-dense food for optimal build and energy, yet allowing you to smartly enjoy the sweet carbs that you like. We teach you how to build a healthy body from within and lose fat – men under 10%, women under 15%.

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About Milko Georgiev

Milko has 15 years experience as а performance coach and nutrition adviser in Europe. He has certified 30 master personal trainers (AQF Level 5 to 9) in his own fitness academy. His work includes conditioning Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs, celebrities, injured people, fitness enthusiasts and busy people in search of fat loss, functional performance and improved health. Milko is a Black Belt in Taekwondo and a medalist at national championships. He maintains his body fat under 7% all year round in a completely natural way.