Milko and Maria are a highly educated family expanding their Eastern European conditioning system to Australia. They have MASTER DEGREES in Health, Fitness and Nutrition and degrees in Computer Science and Economics. With 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE in performance training, exercise physiology, rehabilitation and low-carb nutrition, they have over 5’000 SUCCESSFUL CASES validating their system. They train their clients with scientific precision, example and genuine care.

Milko Georgiev

DSCF1122 logoMilko has 15 years experience as a performance coach and nutrition expert in Europe. He has a Master degree in Health, Fitness and Nutrition and AQF Level 8. Milko has certified 30 master personal trainers (AQF Level 5 to 8) in his own fitness academy. His work includes conditioning Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs, celebrities, injured people, fitness enthusiasts and busy people in search of fat loss, functional performance and improved health.

Milko is a Black Belt in Taekwondo and a medalist at national championships. His kicking mastery helped him train even 3th Dan Taekwondo black belts. He also practiced volleyball, ice hockey, running, and cycling.

Milko has a holistic view and an effective system for physical culture. He maintains his body fat under 6% all year round in a completely natural way.


Milko has AQF Level 8. He graduated with a Master degree in IT engineering and completed a second Master degree in Health, Fitness and Nutrition. He is also the Lead Software Engineer for all software systems used by SPIDER SPORT and its community.

Training System

Milko is the author of the SPIDER STAMINA training system which has been successfully applied to over 5’000 people in Europe. The system builds agility, strength-endurance, mobility, power and speed. It also promotes muscle gain and fat loss.


Milko is a pioneer and expert in High-Fat Low-Carb Nutrition. He created a precise and effective system called SMART LOWCARBER which combines and improves many different approaches of the Ketogenic diet, Paleo diet and Atkins diet. The main focus is excellent health and improved performance.

Milko has shared his knowledge and experience in nutrition in more than 40 TV shows in Europe, as well as in press publications and seminars at international conferences. He has extensive experience in leading sports nutrition seminars and has enormous contribution to changing individual athletes’ diet and whole teams’ nutrition.


Milko is the founder of SPIDER SPORT Health and Conditioning, the leader in personal training in Bulgaria since 2003.

Milko created a business model and implemented it in 5 personal training studios where 30 certified personal trainers with high-end specialized training have worked with over 5’000 clients.

Professional Sport

Milko has worked with the Bulgarian Boxing Federation, Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation, Bulgarian Downhill national team. See his acknowledgments.

He was the conditioning coach of international top level athletes:

  • Linda Zetchiri (Badminton, 26th in the world ranking)
  • Tervel Pulev (Boxing, bronze medal in the London 2012 Olympics)
  • Stefan Velkov (Football, young prospect for the English Premier League)
  • Boris Bojinov (long jump, qualified for Beijing 2008 Olympics)
  • Maria Dimitrova (triple jump, participant in the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympics).

Maria Mitova

_IGP9635 logoBorn in 1986, Maria has 5 years experience in performance training and nutrition education. She has a Master degree in Health, Fitness and Nutrition and AQF Level 8. She speaks Spanish and French.

After 3 years in Oracle’s corporate world in the U.S., Maria fully understands people’s lack of time for themselves and has developed a training approach that gives great results with young professionals, couples and families. She is also experienced with fitness newbies and elderly people.Maria has been successfully conditioning professional salsa dancers, downhill bike riders, horse riders, and young football players.

Maria has competed on the National Youth team in European handball. She has also performed at many international dance festivals for 13 years and has in-depth practice in snowboarding, swimming and yoga.

Thanks to her extensive experience as a performing dancer, Maria has an eye for balanced movements integrating your whole body in a flow. She works with a smile and prepares her clients to get more pleasure from life and the sports they practice.


Maria has AQF Level 8. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in Economics and Business from Lafayette College in the United States and a Master degree in Health, Fitness and Nutrition.

She worked in the US for Oracle as a Health and Clinical trials software Designer for 3 years. She currently creates the Design and runs the Project Management of all software projects developed by SPIDER SPORT.


Maria has been certified in the SPIDER STAMINA training system. In addition to general conditioning, she focuses on strength, alignment and mobility for injury prevention. Having two serious knee surgeries, she successfully recovered at SPIDER SPORT and has extensive knowledge and experience on the subject. She also leads group power stretching classes, boot camps and fitness vacations.

Maria won first, second and third place in different editions of the 12-discipline athletic competition SPIDER GAMES, which combines strength, endurance, power and speed.


Maria is certified in the SMART LOWCARBER nutrition system and has transformed her body and health using it. She has been giving weekly nutrition seminars to her clients, to teams as corporate education and to greater audiences at international conferences (Western Price Foundation, London 2014).

Maria builds personal nutrition plans for her clients as well as for athletic camps and fitness vacations. Her aspiration is to share SPIDER SPORT’s valuable know-how with more people and help them win back their health with effective training and nutrition.