The two main functions of food are to provide the body with energy and structural material. 75 % of the calories in the food should be in the form of energy (Fat and Carbs) and the remaining 25% in the form of structural material (Protein).


The SMART LOWCARBER is our nutrition system that provides quality building material from animal protein and lasting energy from fat, yet allowing you to smartly enjoy your sweet carbs. It is time-saving, tasty and easy to follow in modern life. Following the principles of proper macro-distribution and correct timing of meals, you will reach your optimal lean body mass and lower your body fat.

The SMART LOWCARBER system is our precise improved version of High-Fat Low-Carb nutrition. High-Fat Low-Carb nutrition is gaining more and more recognition worldwide, also referred to as “ketogenic” or “paleo” diet. In Sweden 25% of the population has adopted the High-Fat Low-Carb nutrition, following the advice of doctors breaking the myth of the harmful effects of fat and cholesterol. The High-Fat Low-Carb nutrition is also becoming more widely accepted and recommended in the U.S., Australia and South Africa, supported by the medical and research community of prestigious universities such as Harvard Medical School and the University of Cape Town.

The SMART LOWCARBER nutrition system is built based on human physiology and the proper way to optimal physical and mental performance. The end goal is health and we have documented the system’s long-term benefits on over 5’000 cases in Europe. Our team and families have been following this nutrition since 2003 and have lean, healthy and athletic bodies.

Here is what the SMART LOWCARBER nutrition looks like.

Breakfast: Eggs with feta cheese • Bacon rolls with sour cream • Omelette cake with cheese

BreakfastBacon and sour creamOmlette cake





Lunch: Mizza (minced meat-based pizza) • Sashimi • Beef broth with meat and veggies

MizzaSashimiBeef soup




Dinner: Steak with salad • Moussaka with zucchini • Pâté with bacon spread on tomatoes

BBQ SteakMoussaka with zucciniPate over sliced tomatoes





Snacks: A cup of fruit • Cappuccino with chocolate marzipan • A piece of cheesecake


Coffee with marzipanCheesecake





AVOID: potatoes, rice, starches, flour, pasta, grains, beans, cornsoy products

Alcohol: from time to time, in moderation. Count it towards your carbs enjoyment quota.