Functional Nutrition

We are teaching a science-based nutrition system for a healthy, active and lean body.

Our SMART LOWCARBER system has been successfully applied since 2003 to over 5’000 clients in Europe, helping them improve their health and get fit without starvation and useless restrictions.

You provide your body with quality protein from eggs, meat and cheese to maintain your organs, muscles and bones healthy. You rely on fat as the major energy source to keep you satisfied and focused throughout the day without energy drops and constant need of snacks. Finally, you get to enjoy fruits and desserts, satisfying your sweet taste cravings while keeping the carbs low. Of course, you have your veggies too as salads and sides.


FREE with training membership.

  • SMART LOWCARBER nutrition guide
  • Body composition measurements with a caliper
  • Calculation of exact calories based on your body composition and goals
  • Review of your food log in “My Fitness Pal” on a weekly basis
  • Grocery shopping advice
  • Recommendations for supplements: vitamins, Omega 3 and minerals
  • FAQs

Personal Nutrition Plans

  • 7-day personal nutrition plan based on your body composition, activity level, goals, lifestyle and tastes
  • “SMART LOWCARBER basics” package
  • Scientific approach with detailed presentation of macro nutrients proportion and quantities of all ingredients at each meal
  • Diversity that will provide ideas and guidance for a month
  • Recipes for easy to make, nutritious meals and snacks
  • Available ONLINE without membership
  • Ideal for people who want a concrete action plan to achieve quick results
  • Steps to order a personal nutrition plan:

1) Email us a request at
2) Fill out our Menu Questionnaire to describe your lifestyle and tastes
3) Email us your body composition: fat %, weight, height, wrist circumference
(Part of our training membership, so required only for non-members)
4) Email us a current photo of you in a swimming suit
5) Pay via PayPal, bank transfer, in cash and receive your plan within 7 days.

Corporate seminars

  • 90-minute nutrition group seminar at company location (over lunch)
  • 45-minute personal nutrition consultation at company location
  • “SMART LOWCARBER basics” package
  • Improve performance at work and in your favorite sports
  • Decrease the occurrence of energy drop and need for snack in the afternoon
  • Recipes for quick meals and snacks suitable for office work, travel, business
  • Materials distributed to all participants

Sports nutrition seminars

  • 90-minute nutrition seminar delivered to your team or to individual elite athletes
  • Advice for nutrition for optimal performance at the day of the competition
  • Recommendations for nutrition and hydration the week before of the competition
  • Specific nutrition guidelines for post-injury recovery
  • “SMART LOWCARBER basics” package
  • Recipes for meals and snacks
  • Materials distributed to all participants