Impressive Fat Loss

Miro Rangelov (age 40) gradually and permanently lost 12.6 kg of fat and built his desired body definition and healthy lean body mass. He started training at SPIDER SPORT in 2011, unhappy with his flaccid condition, but determined to change. And here is the change.

Miro Rangelov_BeforeAndAfter

Miro’s complete transformation is a result of his decision to learn and follow our SMART LOWCARBER nutrition principles and 2 x 60 min training sessions/week.

Miro’s fat transformation is impressive: from 19.8% to 6% and 15 kg less in total weight.

Miro Rangelov 21 Jan 2011 21 Jun 2011 22 Dec 2011 28 Oct 2014
Total weight 85 83 79 70
Lean Body Mass (kg) 68.2 69.6 70.7 65.8
Fat (kg) 16.8 13.4 8.3 4.2
Fat % 19.8 % 16.1% 12% 6 %

Miro abs

In 2014 while skiing, Miro had a relapse of an old shoulder trauma. We collaborated with a kinesiotherapist to treat the swelling and inflammation and he was amazed at Miro’s fast recovery, contributing it to the strength and mobility Miro had acquired at SPIDER SPORT.

Here is Miro’s training progress in some of the basic movements for sets of 5 reps:

  • Squat – from 30 kg to 97.5 kg
  • Renegade row – from 12.5 kg on the floor to 35 kg on the bench
  • Pull-ups – from Lat pull-down to Pull-ups with 20 kg of added weight
  • Deadlift – from 55 kg to 130 kg
  • Lunges – from walking lunges with no weight to 87.5 kg
  • Military Press – from 20 kg to 40 kg
  • Milko (Cable) Push-Pull – from 30 kg to 70 kg
  • Milko Bench Press – from 12 kg to 27.5 kg

Here is what Miro shared about his experience at SPIDER SPORT:

How did you find out about SPIDER SPORT?

Before I started training in SPIDER SPORT, I used to go to the gym and do all the well-known isolated exercises, warm-ups and long running sessions on the treadmill. My menu was according to the rules of the “fitness science” – potatoes, rice, oak flakes, bananas, egg whites, cottage cheese, chicken breasts, and of course, high quality protein powder. However, the results were far from what I wanted to achieve. My strength and endurance weren’t there. My body was getting rounder and bulkier. My doubts that I was on the right path were increasing. Working as a policeman, I was first introduced to SPIDER SPORT by a colleague of mine who was motivated by the quick results he was getting.

Why did you trust us?

A colleague of mine was training at SPIDER SPORT at that time. He was the first example of the incredible effect of proper nutrition and proper training that I saw. I decided that it was time that I changed and did some research. SPIDER SPORT’s approach was science-based and results-oriented, yet the trainers appeared friendly and capable of teaching the material in simple terms. I went to my first free-session, I was convinced. From that moment on, everything came into place and I started getting results.

Miro doing Milko Bench Press

How does your training at SPIDER SPORT affect your work and everyday life?

I need to maintain excellent strength endurance and mobility to be energetic and effective in my security business and in my everyday life, which includes a lot of physical work on building my own house. I learned how to bend properly using my pelvis, thus preventing any traumas in my lower back. I learned how to walk and run properly with the correct knee-ankle alignment. Now I can carry heavy loads without worrying about overstretching my knees ligaments. Finally, I have a natural nutrient-dense diet that does not require much time or money. Of course, this opens up more time for my hobbies, family and friends.

How does training in SPIDER SPORT make you feel?

On a everyday level I am feeling a constant inflow of energy, no peaks and drops of energy that disturb my work. My strength was increasing, my body started to change and to get more ripped, I was gradually losing fat. My health also improved significantly, which to me is the most important thing. All these transformations give me more confidence, stability, and the pleasant thrill of doing something good for myself, enjoying constant progress. Once you have stepped on the right path with specialized experts, all you have to do is just keep walking on it and reach further and higher.

You are a frequent participant at SPIDER SPORT’s fitness vacations. What do you get from this 8 days active retreat?

The fitness vacations organized by SPIDER SPORT are among my favorite and most anticipated events during the year. The fitness vacation is a wonderful opportunity to find new friends and learn many important and useful things about training, nutrition, the human body and the healthy lifestyle. It is a great opportunity for people of all ages, beginners or advanced in the training process, to practice sports and to rest actively, to exchange experience and to have real fun. To me, this is a time to unload the pressure from work and to fill myself with energy. Also to find motivation and rediscover myself.

Miro Rangelov_FitnessVacation

What are your goals?

When I started the personal training program in SPIDER SPORT under Angel’s guidance, we set high goals and diligently worked towards them. “Properly, gradually, consistently” as SPIDER SPORT logo states. Then, I have trained with Marta with whom I had some great results such as reaching new personal records at pull-ups and dips despite the relapse of my shoulder trauma.  Now, I continue training with Dimitar Agontsev to lower my body fat to 5% while gaining some more muscle mass and getting in even better condition.

I am sincerely grateful to my personal trainers, to Milko Georgiev and to the entire SPIDER SPORT team for being my mentors though this life change.

My mind and my body now live a new, more beautiful life!


About Maria Mitova

Maria has 5 years experience as а personal trainer and nutrition adviser. She devises personal nutrition plans, lectures on low-carb nutrition and maintains her body fat under 13% in a completely natural way, without starvation and excessive limitations. Maria is experienced with fitness newbies, university professors, business professionals, postnatal and post-surgery joint rehabilitation cases. Maria was a performing dancer for 13 years and has been conditioning professional dancers online and via workshops. Maria lived in the U.S. for 8 years, where she graduated in Economics and worked in Oracle for 3 years. She learned the importance of quality delivery and saving time in the corporate world, and applies it in her training practice.