Eliminate back, shoulder, knee pain in everyday life Rebuild your strength after ASL/meniscus knee surgery Fix your joint alignment and muscle imbalances Strengthen your spine

Fat Loss

For fat loss without starvation and useless restrictions, learn and use our science-based nutrition and training system, building a healthy, active and lean body. Our system has been

Athletes Strength and Conditioning

Milko Georgiev has 10 years experience as a Strength and Conditioning coach of professional athletes in soccer, taekwondo, swimming, badminton, track and field, kettlebells sport, boxing

Postnatal Recovery

Rebuild your abs strength and eliminate back problems in a safe effective way. Learn to bend, walk, stand and squat correctly. Carry your children and groceries with proper

Power Stretching

It is key to complement your training with weekly stretching sessions. Power stretching is the most effective way to safely stretch your muscles, improve your

Personal Nutrition Plans

We are teaching a science-based nutrition system for healthy and active life full of energy and enjoyment without starvation. Our offer includes: 7-day personal nutrition plan

Personal Training

We provide training, not just a workout. We educate you how to build a healthy body from within and lose fat – men under 10%, women