Personal Training

Our personal training is suitable for everyone – from fitness newbies, to busy people in search for efficiency and health, all the way up to elite athletes. Find the pleasure of moving freely in a pain-free life and advancing safely in your training with correct technique.

For best results, choose our monthly memberships. No contract and initiation fee.
One-time consultations are also available. Choose any of our services in a Family Plan and save up to 50% of 1:1 price.

Functional Assessment

Included with all memberships and one-time consultations.
First, we will determine:

  1. Your basic functional needs in mobility, limb and muscle balance, basic movements, and strength-endurance.
  2. Your current body measurements – weight, body fat percentage and lean body mass, using our 7-skin folds caliper methodology.
  3. Your optimal lean body mass goal and your body fat goal based on your bone structure and height, calculated by our formula.

Next, we will craft your Personal training plan which will:

  1. Improve your weaker sides and build your stamina.
  2. Improve your power and speed.
  3. Improve your agility and sport specific skills.
  4. Calculate your exact calories intake.

Last, we will send you a copy of the assessment with your nutrition and training goals.

Personal Training

Our training system SPIDER STAMINA improves your whole body working on your alignment and mobility, strength-endurance, rehabilitation, power and speed.

  • Free weights movements with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, cables, med balls
  • Balance and body weight exercises
  • Running technique and drills
  • Changing direction, plyometrics
  • Interval sprints with elastic bands
  • Jumping and Landing technique and drills

Post-injury or Spine Problems Rehabilitation

  • Rebuild your strength after ASL/meniscus knee surgery
  • Strengthen your spine musculature correctly to improve your discopathy or disc herniation
  • Fix your alignment and muscle imbalances
  • Exceed your pre-surgery performance level and regain confidence in your body
  • Decrease unnatural spine curvatures (scoliosis) without surgery and spine braces

Power Stretching

  • Increase flexibility and joint mobility using the strength of your muscles
  • Joint mobility is key for functional strength and injury prevention
  • Improve your posture and walk by increasing your ankles, pelvis and shoulders mobility
  • Move away your stretch reflex by giving smart feedback to your nervous system
  • Available in small groups up to 6 people

Postnatal Recovery

  • Rebuild your abs strength and eliminate back problems in a safe effective way
  • Learn to bend, walk, stand and squat correctly
  • Carry your children and groceries with proper pain free technique
  • Lose the abdominal fat with proper nutrition, suitable for the whole family
  • Train in an effective way that saves time and can be done at your nearby park

Kicking Classes

  • Taekwondo classes by Master Milko Georgiev
  • Learn the basics from a competitor and ITF coach with international recognition
  • Improve your technique with understanding
  • Learn to be precise and effective in your kicking: all levels are welcome
  • Complement your taekwondo practice with our stamina and stretching training

Online Training

  • Basic: 1 month training program provided weekly – total 8 sessions (2/week)
  • Premium: 1 month training program provided weekly – total 12 sessions (3/week) + at-home stretching program
  • Videos of all exercises
  • Bi-monthly written feedback based on videos of your training that you send me
  • Bi-monthly 20-min skype sessions to discuss your progress
  • Education on the training principles and weight progress methods
  • “Nutrition Basics” package
  • Online support from me, SPIDER SPORT trainers and the entire community
  • Ideal for people outside Sydney who want results and professional training advice, advancing at their own time
  • To book an online training, email me at:

Athletes Strength and Conditioning

  • Find long-term solutions for your weak sides, mobility limitations and pains
  • Fix your alignment and muscle imbalances
  • Learn new functional exercises and training methods for improved agility, power and speed
  • Level up even if you are a top athlete
  • Get your Relative Performance Density measured weekly
  • Adjust your conditioning to your sport-specific skills

Athletes with injuries in need of post-surgery rehabilitation will:

  • Recover safely and exceed your pre-surgery performance level
  • Build strength and correct alignment
  • Regain confidence in your body movements
  • Get training tailored to your case and learn to progress safely

One-time Consultation

  • 90 minute individual consultation: no membership required
  • Discover problematic areas in your walk, posture, running or training technique
  • Build new habits for correct joint alignment to prevent injuries and everyday pain
  • Learn new simple exercises and training methods to use at the gym, outdoors or at home
  • Get a training program and instructions for safe weights progression

Master Class

  • Two 90 minute classes with Milko Georgiev: no membership required
  • Find long-term solutions for your weak sides, mobility limitations and pains
  • Learn new exercises and training methods
  • Fine tune your training technique
  • Get your Relative Performance Density measured
  • Level up even if you are a top athlete
  • Adjust your training to your sport-specific skills
  • Get a training program and instructions for safe weights progression

Training Locations in Sydney, NSW

  • Snap Fitness Gyms: see list
  • At your Location: home, backyard, private gym, nearby park
  • On the Beach
  • In the Park: Centennial, Steyne Park, Lyne Park, Prince Alfred Park, Waverly Park
  • Online

We can bring our equipment and expertise anywhere in the Eastern Suburbs and CBD.