Linda Zetchiri

26th in the world after a serious knee injury

Milko Georgiev and Linda Zetchiri - singles champion at Bulgaria Open World Championship 2011
Milko Georgiev and Linda Zetchiri – singles champion at Bulgaria Open World Championship 2011

Linda is a talented European competitor in badminton from Bulgaria. After five very successful years in Denmark (ranked 55th in the world), she got a very serious knee injury and a piece of the cartilage of her knee joint was removed surgically. As a result of the injury, her left knee, which is also her active knee (she is left-handed), could not bend and endure loading at more than 90 degrees. Her doctor told her that this was the end of her professional sport career.

Looking for a strength and conditioning coach, she found Milko Georgiev and he took over her recovery. From the very beginning, even though she was on the way out of the Top 100, Milko had the ambition to get her back in the world sport and to build a condition that will bring her more success than she had had before the injury.

After 10 months working with Milko, Linda is with a fully recovered functioning left knee. Now she has an excellent strength and condition preparation, which allows her to achieve success with her high sport-specific technical skills.

In July 2010 Linda entered Top-30 for the first time and in March 2011 she reached 26th place in the Badminton World Ranking. Today, 10 years after the injury, Linda is still in the Top-30 in the world.

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Krasimir Petrov

National champion

Krasimir Petrov posingKrasimir Petrov and Milko GeorgievKrasimir Petrov is a Bulgarian champion in natural bodybuilding. He has a long career as a competitor thanks to his healthy nutrition, letting him to put less stress on his body during the preparation periods.

As the highest low-carb authority in Bulgaria, Milko Georgiev was a consultant on Krasimir’s nutrition who uses this knowledge for more then 5 years.

Mira Minkova

From a regular IT specialist to a successful bodybuilder

Mira Minkova on stageMira Minkova is a competitor in IFBB Women Physique category, part of the Bulgarian national team. She had never been involved in any kind of sports before joining SPIDER SPORT. She became fascinated by the functional physiques of the trainers and some of the clients in the studio. Her first ever competition was SPIDER GAMES – an internal strength and endurance competition for the clients of the gym. She placed second, and on the following year she placed first in the games. This was the moment she found her passion to compete and have continued to compete as a Physique Athlete with the IFBB today. In 2015 she took the silver in the IFBB Qualifications for National team in Women Physique category, and placed 3rd on the Balkan Championship. Mira is now preparing for the 2016 season by the guidance of the well-known Bulgarian bodybuilder Kiril Todorov and under the nutritional advice of Milko Georgiev.

Boxing and Kickboxing

Blagoy Naydenov

World champion

Blagoy Naydenov is a Bulgarian boxing fighter who is a World and European champion.

He was part of the Youth National team who was working with Milko Georgiev as a strength and conditioning coach.

Daniel Asenov

European champion

Daniel Asenov

Blagoy Naydenov is a Bulgarian boxing fighter who is an European champion.

He was part of the Youth National team who was working with Milko Georgiev as a strength and conditioning coach.

Dushko Mihaylov

World bronze medalist, National champion

Dushko Mihaylov

Blagoy Naydenov is a Bulgarian boxing fighter who is a World Bronze medalist and also a National Champion.

He was part of the Youth National team who was working with Milko Georgiev as a strength and conditioning coach.

Hristo Nalbantov

World and European Bronze Medalist, National Champion

Hristo NalbantovHristo Nalbantov is a multiple Kickboxing National Champion in different divisions from 67kg to 81kg and in different styles – full contact, low kick, K-1, Muay Thai.

Milko Georgiev worked with Hristo on his conditioning and recovery from multiple injuries.

Tervel Pulev

Olympic bronze medalist, European vice-champion, National champion

Tervel Pulev

Tervel Pulev is best known for winning a bronze medal for Men’s Boxing (Heavyweight division 91 kg) at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. In 2011 and 2014 he won a gold medal at the 62nd and 65nd edition of tournament Strandja Cup.

Milko Georgiev worked with Tervel during his preparation for the London Games, helping him to win the bronze medal in the Olympics.

Todor Todorov

Borislav Boyadjiev – National head coach


Divna Gogeva and Ramon Brito

Dance couple Divna and Ramon: salsa and bachata competitors in New York City and our online clients since 2014
Dance couple Divna and Ramon: salsa and bachata competitors in New York City

Divna and Ramon are a family of salsa and bachata competitors who live in New York City. They have been using our online training services since 2014. Divna has greatly improved her flexibility, working with our active power stretching method. Both Divna and Ramon have built significant strength and coordination that allows them to do impressive tricks and perform their beautiful dancing with lean and strong bodies and sharp confident moves.

Extreme Sports

Dimitar Gaidov

Gaidov Downhill National Champion

Dimitar Gaidov has been competing professionally in downhill mountain biking since 2002. Dimitar has won several gold medals in downhill mountain biking at national and Balkan championships.

Milko Georgiev has been Gaidov’s Strength and Conditioning coach and has provided sports nutrition guidance that has improved Dimitar’s health and professional performance.

Downhill bike racing
Dimitar Gaidov, Downhill Balkan Champion

Ivan Kristoff

Rossen Kovachev


Georgi Kostadinov

Georgi Kostadinov is a young Bulgarian football midfielder. He is 2 times champion of Bulgaria with PFC Ludogorets Razgrad (4 times champion of Bulgaria; European Champions League).

Georgi Kostadinov and Milko GeorgievAt this moment Georgi plays for PFC Levski Sofia (26 times champion of Bulgaria; UEFA Champions League).

Georgi also played for Bulgarian National Team U-21.

Our work included:

  • Rehabilitation after ankle surgery
  • Strength conditioning
  • Lean body mass gain
  • Mobility enhancement
  • Movement patterns for injury prevention

Stefan Velkov

Stefan Velkov soccer
Stefan Velkov 1 year post-surgery

Stefan Velkov is a young Bulgarian football defender. He had a contract with a Premier League team (Fulham F.C.) but got seriously injured in a game and as a result his ACL was completely torn. Stefan had a ACL reconstruction surgery in August 2016. After the surgery I worked with him for 6 months until he was fully recovered. He has greatly surpassed his pre-surgery performance and currently dominates the field. Stefan plays in A-League for PFC Slavia Sofia. Stefan also plays for the Bulgarian National Team U-21.

Soccer conditioning

Our work included:

  • Rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction surgery
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Lean body mass gain, Fat loss
  • Mobility enhancement
  • Movement patterns for injury prevention
  • Sports-specific drills for improved jumping, landing, change of direction, sprinting

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Girevoy Sport

Yuri Atanasov


Teodor Todorov


Angel Karanyotov

– Supermoto


Alexander Petrov

Nutrition advice; Crohn’s disease


Asen Vapordjiev

Shirin Amin

Marshall Arts

Brazilian Jiu jitsu (BJJ)

Denis and Gabriel Marangoni
Denis and 3 times World Champion Gabriel Marangoni

Denis competes in BJJ professionally and won 5th place at the BJJ World Championshipthat took place 15-20 April 2014 in Abu Dhabi. He has won several national championships in taekwondo and BJJ and has been a medalist in kickbox championships in Eastern Europe.

In only 12 conditioning sessions Denis improved his strength endurance, balance and mobility. The change of direction skills we taught him found direct application in his sport, while the movements involving a long kinetic chain improved his balance on the ground.

Denis at SPIDER SPORTIn January 2016 Denis’ Brazilian mentor and 3 times World Champion Gabriel Marangoni visited SPIDER SPORT studios. Impressed by the precise efficacy of the training system and the professional work of the personal trainers, Gabriel concluded that such strength and conditioning is key for the development and success of BJJ competitors. Gabriel Marangoni is a first degree black belt in BJJ, 3 times World Champion, 11 times State Champion, 1st Place ADCC Trials 2015 and 3° Place Europeans 2015.

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Antoan Gadjev

Dimitar Mihaylov

Stamen Zahariev

Track and Field

Boris Bojinov

Balkan Champion with 8.12 m long jump

Boris Bojinov





Maria Dimitrova

The incompetence of her previous trainers had led to very bad injury of her right (active) knee. Here is a very simple and certain test: vertical jump with squat landing.

Maria Nikolova


Gergina Ivanova

Champion of Bulgaria with Levski Sofia. Career in the Italian championship.