Postnatal recovery

Karina Karanyotova: 6-pack 9 months after giving birth

“When I started training at SPIDER SPORT, I was a fat teenager, eating junk food and having zero interest and respect for sports and movement. The quick results turned me into a training addict. Only a year after I started, my body completely changed. I had legs of a fitness model, 6-pack abs, and defined biceps for which even some men envy me. I was able to do pull-ups and my overall strength and strength endurance increased. SPIDER SPORT taught me the basis for a life full of movement and energy.

After GYM








In addition, I learned that the restrictive starvation diets that most women fall for are useless for losing fat, so I started following the High-Fat Low-Carb SMART LOWCARBER nutrition that is optimal for our physiology and health. Ten years later I am a mom of a 1 year old boy and only 9 months after I gave birth, I easily got back my 6-pack abs and sexy butt. I am sure I will keep this form for the rest of my life because I will never stop training  by SPIDER SPORT high-intensity free-weights system and eating fatty juicy steaks.”

Dilyana Zdravcheva: “SPIDER SPORT personal nutrition plan saved me time and helped me build a strong and healthy body, for myself and for my baby.”

SPIDER SPORT = Game Changer.
My results:
1) Lost 12 kg;
2) Decrease my body fat to 13%;
3) I get better in every sport I do: tennis, swimming, yoga and skiing;
4) Become a low carb evangelist and started to distribute Australian low sugar milk flavoring straws Sipahh® to Bulgarian market.

SPIDER SPORT is a life changing experience, thank you.

Dilyana Zdravcheva BEFORE

Dilyana Zdravcheva BEFORE