Pavel Nikolov

Software engineer, Sydney, April 2016

SPIDER SPORT helped me get leaner and stronger. My results after starting their recommended nutrition plan and training:

  1. Lost 6 kg of belly fat in less than 2 months.
  2. Had visible 6 pack abs in 6 weeks.
  3. Two and a half months after starting I was 7 kg down.
  4. When I started I could only do 1 pull up, now (4 months later) I can do 5 sets of 6 reps.
  5. I can do 3 muscle ups and 6 sets of 10 reps dips.
  6. Four months after starting I gained 4 kg of lean body mass and the six pack is still here.

These guys are very experienced! Highly recommended service!

Penny Kyros

Legal Services, Paddington, NSW, June 2016

My results for the first 5 weeks of training with Maria Mitova:

  1. I lost 3 kg of pure fat.
  2. My body body fat decreased from 22 to 17%.
  3. I gained 2kg of lean body mass and reached the optimal for my height and structure.
  4. My lower back pain that was shooting into my thighs decreased from 10 to 1.
  5. My body is significantly more defined and lean, a lot of my clothes are loose now.
  6. I learned how to train correctly without insane jumping around and burp-bees and other malakias of this kind. I am no longer afraid of the bars and free weights and learned how to train in an high-intensity interval protocol, with correct technique and maximum strain.
  7. I learned simple, very efficient posture corrective exercises that I can do anywhere by myself.
  8. I learned the principles of High-Fat Low-Carb nutrition, which keeps me satiated, does not require me to eat 4-5 times a day and allows me to have desserts. And still wake up with a flat stomach.
  9. I found an intelligent, understanding and motivating female trainer I can talk to about all my worries, insecurities and goals.
  10. I am bikini ready for my summer trip to Greece. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you SPIDER SPORT and Maria.

Dilyana Zdravcheva

Sales, postnatal recovery, March 2016

SPIDER SPORT = Game Changer

My results:

  1. Lost 12 kg
  2. Decrease my body fat to 13%
  3. I get better in every sport I do: tennis, swimming, yoga and skiing
  4. Become a low carb evangelist and started to distribute Australian low sugar milk flavoring straws Sipahh® to Bulgarian market.

SPIDER SPORT  is a life changing experience, thank you.

Asya Radeva

Product Manager, Sofia Bulgaria, March 2016

I met Maria and SPIDER SPORT right on time (they say it is always that way). She was my personal trainer, my mentor, my psychologist, my cooking advisor, and last but not least- my friend. Thanks to the program and the advice she gave me, my body and my mind improved significantly.

I will never forget how during the first week, I jumped on the scale, I had “gained” 200 gr. I went to her saying that I will not follow the diet she recommended, that it is impossible to eat steaks and to look good. She looked at me calmly and said: Just trust me…and lay down to do your renegade row exercise, which later brought you the lean tight abs. Indeed, it was hard in the beginning to go over the prejudices about fat. I needed just a couple of months and the results convinced me. I was following the diet, enjoying the exercises and workouts and looking and feeling great. Even when I was on business trips, my program – diet and exercise, was adjusted so I didn’t stop the progress.

SPIDER SPORT is a mindset, once crowed over, you’re “infected” for lifetime 🙂

Boryana Bekirska

Musician, Feb 2016

As a follower of SPIDER SPORT I’ve been impressed and stand closely to your training system and nutrition, which is my own path to healthy life. Keep going and let more people been touched, cured or stay fit with your help!

Stefan Velkov

Professional football player, May 2016

I would like to recommend Mr. Milko Georgiev as a top-qualified and experienced Strength and Conditioning coach.

I have worked personally with Mr. Georgiev for 6 months (October 2014 – April 2015) in SPIDER SPORT due to an injury causing my ACL to be completely torn. As a professional football (soccer) player I had a surgery on the 28 August 2014 in order for my ACL to be reconstructed.

After the first month of post-surgery initial rehabilitation, I started working with Mr. Georgiev on the actual functional recovery. For the first time I was shown, taught and was able to understand how my body and mind should work in order for me to be a better athlete and have better joint alignment, mobility, flexibility, strength, speed and overall human movement.

Mr. Georgiev is not only proficient at Strength and Conditioning and functional, movement patterns, but he is also a highly certified in Sports nutrition. He introduced me to his refined version of High Fat – Low-Carb diet and since then my body started working even better. It made me feel and perform better, I have no energy ups and downs, my recovery was amazing and also my digestion improved greatly.

Having the knowledge, right mindset, skills and coaching prowess Mr. Georgiev has been a tremendous help for my ACL recovery. He was exceptionally cautious with my knee condition, so we progressed gradually, starting with improving my mobility and alignment. In parallel came the strength increase, so my muscles could support my knee. Finally, strength endurance was introduced to my training regimen as it is most applicable to my game. In the fourth month after the operation we started implementing more explosive movements and sports-specific drills, so I can be in top form once I was back on the field.

Mr. Georgiev is not only an expert in conditioning top athletes, but he is also a great motivator and mentor who can psychologically influence his trainees so they can use their full potential.

May 2016