2002 An Industry Pioneer

After extensive research and experience in sports Milko Georgiev adopted the methods of free weights training, high-intensity interval training and low-carb nutrition. He was among the New Fitness Age pioneers in a world of fitness machines, mindless cardio and high-carb nutrition.

2003 Starting-up A New Business

Sharing and togetherness are big in Milko’s vision of the world. He wanted to share the value of his new finding in health and conditioning. He left his successful IT career and started SPIDER SPORT Health and Conditioning.

2004 The First Fitness Vacation

The first Fitness Vacation was held on the Bulgarian sea side. This is an unique week-long retreat with organized training, outdoor activities and proper nutrition. Fitness vacations are still organized today with more than 50 people attending.

Milko started an online health forum and also was actively writing in several others. One of the platforms he was a lead writer in was JPFitness forum – a place where professionals like Bill Hartman, Alwyn Cosgrove, Lou Schuler, John Berardi, Adam Campbell, Robert Dos Remedios and others were exchanging ideas on free weights training and low-carb nutrition.

Milko Georgiev had a birthday this week! He celebrated the fact that he’s one of the few people on the planet who can walk up to Dr. John Berardi and call him “fatty”. ~JPFitness

2005 The First Fitness Studio

The first SPIDER SPORT Fitness Studio was opened, offering personal trainers, free weights training and high-fat low carb nutrition advice. It was the very first in Bulgaria and one of the few in Europe and in the world.

2006 The First SPIDER GAMES

The first SPIDER GAMES functional competition was held. It includes 12 disciplines testing trainers and clients for strength, endurance and power.

Milko showed the world his perfect Dragon Flag and the US edition of Men’s Health magazine requested him to write an article about mastering the drill.

2007 Team Building Service

SPIDER SPORT started offering team building service for big corporations like SGS S.A. The team building incorporated knowledge about health, nutrition and training in the form of games.

2008 Scoliosis Rehabilitation

The first successful Asymmetric Scoliosis Rehabilitation system in Bulgaria was introduced by SPIDER SPORT.

2009 The Second Studio

The growing success of SPIDER SPORT’s services demanded the creation of the second personal training studio.

2011 Moving To Bigger Studios

Moving to a bigger and more modern personal training studios, designed and equipped by Milko Georgiev.

2013 Evolving To A Better Team

SPIDER STAMINA training system had been evolving for 10 years and in 2013 we launched a new system for teaching and evaluating our trainers. This led to yearly evaluation of our team and selection of only the best and most dedicated trainers.

2014 Weston Price Foundation

In March 2014 Milko and Mitova lectured at Weston Price Foundation International Nutrition seminar in London.

2015 New web-based software

Maria and Milko created a new web-based software for personal training studio management.

2016 Expanding To Australia

Starting-up SPIDER SPORT Australia in Sydney.